Who is behind the GREENER training course?

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA) is a Public University located in Italy, operating in the field of applied sciences. It comprises six Institutes (Biorobotics; Management; Law, Politics and Development; Life Sciences; Economics; Communication, Information and Perception Technologies). The Institute of Management has the broad mission of contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of managerial studies, educating managers for private and public organizations and generating a positive impact on the business environment and on society as a whole. It is active in three main research areas: Innovation, Sustainability, and Health.

The Sustainability Management Laboratory (SuM Lab) research area combines knowledge of business management and policymaking with the principles of sustainability, through scientific research and empirical investigation in the following areas: Environmental Management and Industrial Symbiosis; Energy and Resource Efficiency; Circular Economy and Natural Capital; Sustainable Products, Life-Cycle Thinking and Green Marketing; CSR and Accountability; Climate Change and Disaster management.

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, in charge of the coordination of the Training Course, has guided the consortium in the identification of needs for the Training modules. Results of the interviews and surveys showed that there is a need for training for SMEs, even with differences between organizations that have participated and the one that have not participated yet in public tenders.