The GREENER workshops and pilot testing well under way

The second partner meeting took place in Rome on 21 and 22 April 2022 to discuss about the project activities: two workshops with the Advisory Group (AG), and a pilot testing.

The first workshop took place during the months of May and June 2022 in each of the partners’ countries. It was an opportunity for stakeholders to exchange views on the main barriers that SMEs face to participate in CPP/GPP and discuss about potential solutions and levers. In this activity, partners also gathered feedback from a wide range of stakeholders on how to improve the GREENER Training course to tailor it to the actual needs of SMEs, how to make it accessible for SMEs and find the best ways replicate it. With the outcomes of this activity, partners will elaborate a Toolbox for the development of I/C-VET programs. In addition, partners will develop 4 National reports that will contain the main key take away messages from the Advisory Group collected during the two workshops.

Following the first workshop, a pilot testing has been organized to assess the level of understanding of green tenders. It consisted of a project work which entailed the identification of circular and green clauses from a tender and possible ways to make it greener. Along with SMEs, AG members were also invited to participate. With the outcomes of the pilot testing and the feedback gathered from a questionnaire, partners will prepare the following project outcome: Guidelines to develop a training course on GPP/CPP.

Finally, a second workshop with the AG will be held in September 2022 to get final feedback on the GREENER Training course and discuss possible ways to disseminate and replicate it.