The GREENER Toolbox now available!

The GREENER Toolbox is now available. This new outcome of the project aims at reducing the barriers that SMEs face when applying for Green and Circular Public Procurement (GPP/CPP).

GPP is a key tool to improve circularity and achieve the climate goals. Yet, GPP has not reach its full potential when SMEs face difficulties to participate in green tenders. Thus, there is a need to provide tools to SMEs to overcome those challenges, and this is what the GREENER Toolbox provides.

The Toolbox includes recommendations and resources for SMEs to participate in GPP/CPP, but also for training providers to develop training modules such as the GREENER training course. In addition, it offers a series of factsheets of good practices and similar trainings on GPP/CPP.

It is divided in three sections:

  • The first section gathers the main barriers and drivers for SMEs to apply for GPP in different countries taking part in the GREENER project: Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, and Italy, where data and evidence were gathered. Then, a set of recommendations from local authorities to support SMEs engagement in GPP are also described. These include tips to improve the communication between local authorities and SMEs, the creation of a supplier database, the use of local portal to disseminate the new tenders and tips to ease the tendering process.
  • The second section gives orientation to Vocational Education Training (VET) providers on designing initial and continuous VET programs. It includes a list of reasons highlighting the importance to train SMEs on GPP, and how a training provider could design and implement courses such as the GREENER training course. For instance, training providers should consider different aspects such as modularity of the training, target group, learning outcomes or emerging skills to be fulfilled. Moreover, a background analysis of the GPP situation in the area should be carried out as well as the definition of the teaching methodology: online (wider audience), face-to-face (guided path).
  • The third section includes 17 factsheets of good practices on supporting SMEs to participate in GPP in the different countries of the project and at international level. It includes, training courses, sharing of good practices, strategic documents, awards, technical assistance, guidance, or seminars.  

The GREENER Toolbox is available here or you can download the extended version here.