The GREENER outcomes on how to facilitate SMEs involvement in GPP are presented in the final conference of the project

The GREENER final conference was held on 24 November 2022 in Brussels to present the main outcomes of the project and identify opportunities for the exploitation of project results.  

Cleantech Bulgaria, the lead partner, gave an overview of the aims and outputs of the project and  presented the first project outcome: the Skills Framework and the methodology followed to identify the skills gap for SMEs to participate in Green and Circular Public Procurement (GPP/CPP). Then, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA) presented the second outcome of the project: the training modules and the methodology followed to developed them, based on the identification of skills gap.  Afterwards, ACR+ presented the GREENER Toolbox which includes a set of resources and tools for SMEs to apply for GPP/CPP, recommendations for training providers to develop this type of training modules, and a set of factsheets on good GPP/CPP practices. CETEM presented the GREENER platform and the latest website updates. 

During the event, the discussion touched upon the actions that Public Authorities can take to engage SMEs in GPP/CPP), for instance by improving the communication with suppliers. Moreover, there was a true interest from public authorities to integrate the green and circular sphere in their trainings on procurement. The partners shared views on the need to increase the skills of SMEs and public authorities on GPP/CPP.

Finally, three European funded projects were invited to present their project and identify potential synergies with GREENER: The Horizon 2020 Sapiens Network, Interreg North Sea region ProCirc and the BRINC project (COSME). 

You can find the presentations of the final conference here.