SMEs have now benefit from the training material on Green and Circular Public Procurement

In this first half of the year, the GREENER partners developed a Training course for SMEs aiming at facilitating their participation in Circular and Green Public Procurement (CPP/GPP). The Training course, available on the project website, is divided in 5 modules. It is structured taking into consideration the skills gap identified through the surveys and the interviews carried out with SMEs and public authorities in each partner country during the first part of the project.

The training materials can be of interest to SMEs that already have experience on CPP/GPP and want to consolidate the knowledge and learn new concepts, but also to those who never participated in CPP/GPP before. Thus, the modules are independent, giving the possibility for the user to select their preferred one according to their skills. Moreover, the partners developed an assessment tool (also available in the project website) to allow the user to test the level of understanding of each module.  

The training course modules are: 

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Circular and Green Public Procurement, an opportunity for SMEs
  • Module 2: understanding and finding public tenders
  • Module 3: comply with sustainability requirements from public administrations
  • Module 4: to create awareness inside the SMEs on GPP opportunities
  • Module 5: how to improve company sustainability for a successful application to GPP

The materials are not in their final version yet, since they will be updated after receiving the feedback from the 4 National GREENER Advisory Groups (AG). The GREENER AG consists of 10 stakeholders in each country of the project (and 5 decentralized public authorities from other EU countries) working in the field of CPP/GPP. The AG consists of public authorities, private companies (including SMEs), academia, training providers, hubs representing SMEs, development agencies, business support organizations, etc.