Project Objetives

GREENER aims to support companies' participation in Green Public Procurement

with systemic effectiveness on the conditions of sustainability and business competitiveness. To do this, the skills of middle management and the more traditional profiles of the administration need to be updated. A systemic action of renewal of the VET paths addressed to these profiles is the priority of GREENER project.

Improve the skills of procurers and administrative profiles focusing on SMEs, with regard to GPP criteria, including ecolabels, material passports, product eco-design and design for recyclability, extended producer responsibility, waste prevention, packaging material and sharing, collaborative economy, reuse, and refurbishment;

Enhancing the responsiveness of curricula of traditional profiles, such as administrative professionals working in SMEs tendering departments, to the future demand of skills (upskilling – reskilling training path)

Increasing the employability of VET students facing the global challenges

Improve regional actors’ readiness and create knowledge awareness on the influence of green public procurement on the adoption of sustainable consumption and production patterns by businesses operating in the region;

Foster the VET attractivity relaunching the close cooperation between VET, public administrations, government agencies and bodies established to support SME development and SMEs, the Transparency Tools


Skills framework

Design a skills framework for professionals in circular/strategic sustainable procurement.


Define a green public procurement training curriculum and for companies and the necessary training materials

Training course

Carry out a pilot training on green public procurement with real cases


Develop the GREENER toolbox for the development of VET programmes to help companies successfully apply for tenders that incorporate GPP requirements

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