Meet here Sistemi Formitivi Confidustria, aiming to increase SMEs participation in Green and Circular Public Procurement

Founded in 1993, SFC – Sistemi Formativi Confindustria is a joint stock consortium company owned by Confindustria, the leading association of manufacturing companies in Italy. SFC’s capacity and expertise have gradually increased over the years, building up a portfolio of strategic initiatives at local, national, and international level aimed at achieving the following purposes:

  • Supporting the development of the Confindustria Association System. We provide training for all the staff of the Confindustria system, both on specific technical topics and on transversal skills to support social dialogue
  • Fostering SMEs in their competitive development. Through Education services we drive companies, with a focus on SMEs, to innovate products and processes through participation in research projects, internationalization, digitalization, sustainability, and entrepreneurship training.
  • Encouraging the modernization of Public Administration, through technical assistance services implementing local development policies.

Following on from the Green pillar of initiatives to realise these purposes, including projects such as TOURISME, Circular Economy, INSIGHT, MATES, 3LoE, GREENER confirms SFC’s commitment to support companies in the green economy transition.

More specifically, increasing SMEs’ capacity to participate and improving SMEs’ performance in Green and Circular Public Procurement are SFC’s main goals within the GREENER project.

Based on its experience as a VET Provider specialised in adapting VET courses to the new skill needs required by the Advanced Production System, SFC will contribute to the definition of an emerging skills framework for the GREENER procurer profile. The Curriculum for green public procurement of a company’s development will be the main result that SFC will spread from among the consortium’s 80 members including Business Services companies, VET Providers and Universities, Sectorial and Territorial business associations.

Stay in touch! SFC is interested in developing further collaborations at international level for strategic projects to include businesses in circular economy development frameworks. For further information, please contact us: