Integrating life cycle approaches in public procurement

Public procurement was in the spotlight of the last interregional exchange of the Interreg Europe LCA4regions project that aims at expanding the use of life cycle methods as a holistic approach when conceiving and implementing public policies related to environmental protection and resource efficiency.

As LCA4Regions is reaching its second year, the partners are adding month after month pieces to the challenging puzzle of this project: they completed seven regional analysis, collected good practices and refined the strategy for the future. And above all, they already set for four so-called Transnational Learning Journeys (TLJ) during which they exchanged experiences and discussed life cycle methodologies under different angles and focusing each time on a different territory. You can read more on TLJs here.

The latest of these TLJ took place from 25-27 May, hosted by the Slovenian National Institute of Chemistry and focused on life cycle approaches and public procurement tools.

On the first day of the event, the participants had the chance to hear a presentation by the Ministry of Public Administration in Slovenia, presenting activities leading to the adoption of green public procurement legislation, including 20 groups of green government procurement goods awarded by public procurement authorities. In the same day, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, also from Slovenia, shared about the activities of the EU project “Care4Climate” related to the adoption of life cycle costing.

At the end of the first day session, participants got acquainted with the collaborative initiative La Clause Verte that covers many public procurement options such as new construction, rehabilitation, highways, supplies and services.

The second day of the event started partners exchanging good practices including usage of life cycle tools and methods on public procurement: sustainable school menus (ES), barriers of green public procurement (LI), management of municipal public procurement (FI), public procurement for innovation in rehabilitation buildings (PT), sustainable purchase and LCA in mega events (IT), LCC in green vehicles (SI) and LCC calculator in public procurement (PL). It continued with a presentation discussing key features of the Slovenian public green procurement portal as well as case studies in preparing tenders and submitting tenders on the portal.

During the third and last day of the event, participants listened to the speech by the Finish Environment Institute talking about KEINO platform and certain general points of view on public procurement in Finland. To finish the day, Dr. Fritz Balkau shared about the usage of LCA in Europe and green public procurement. An exchange of experience concluded with a peer review of ideas for the development of the future action plan in Slovenia.

The recording of the whole TLJ as well as presentations made during each session are available here.