GREENER adds a new dimension to Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna involvement in Green Public Procurement

On 24 November 2022, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA) participated in the final conference of the Erasmus+ GREENER project.

The GREENER project is part of a long tradition of participation of the sustainability management laboratory (following sum lab) of the management institute of the SSSA to projects concerning Green Public Procurement (GPP). Indeed, in recent years, SSSA researchers have often collaborated with public administrations (i.e. Liguria region) to increase the diffusion of GPP. This was done both with research activities and with training activities.

However, the GREENER project represents a new element for the SSSA and, in general, for the academic and educational world. Indeed, to promote GPP and investigate the drivers and barriers to its development, there has often been a focus on the public side, rather than on the private side. Hence, the importance of the GREENER project is even greater.

Regarding the current Italian context, and in particular the private market participating in public tenders, an important news that will affect the future of the GPP is that the Council of State has declared illegitimate (and to be released again) a tender in which the minimum environmental criteria had not been included as required by the Decree. In Italy, in fact, the minimum environmental criteria have been mandatory since 2017.

For more information on sum lab activities concerning circular economy and GPP, please consult the SSSA website.