Fostering industry transition through green public procurement: A “How to” guide for the cement & steel sectors

A new report on the need for industry decarbonization has been published.

The need for deep decarbonization in hard to abate industries such as steel, cement, aluminum, chemicals, plastics, metal and mining, aviation- is growing. Indeed, these industries are energy intensive and they rely on fossil fuel, which lead to increased CO2 emissions. In fact, 20% of global CO2 emission come from 5 industries, namely steel, cement, aluminum, plastic and paper, and their demand is increasing !  Deep decarbonization is therefore essential in such industries in order to reach the Paris Agreement objective of keeping global warming under 2 degrees.

But how? There are numerous solutions in order to limit emissions : decarbonizing all energy inputs, increase energy efficiency, decrease process emissions, promote material circularity,… However, industry transition needs public policy support ! And Green Public Procurement (GPP) is a tool which is gaining in popularity. It has reach 14% of Europe GPD and 30% in some developing countries.

In this report, you will find a guide for including GPP in the steel and cement sectors, the potential impact of GPP in reducing GHG emissions and how to harmonize such tools in all countries.

Read here the full report :