Don’t miss the upcoming project activities

During the second semester of the GREENER project, partners will analyse the results from the interviews carried out during May-July 2021 with the aim to identify a common skills framework addressed to middle management and administrative profiles in companies. The framework will detail the new skills of professional profiles involved in tendering Circular and Green Public Procurement (CPP/GPP) processes.

In parallel, project partners will start building a curriculum addressed to companies on green and circular public procurement. In order to develop it, partners will capitalize on existing training materials, for instance the ProCirc toolbox and the EU toolkit for green and circular procurement. This will contribute to the preparation of a GREENER training course. The course will consist in different modules, that will be tested in different trail sessions taking place until June 2022. The training modules will take into consideration the regulatory and entrepreneurial contexts of each partner location. The partner leading this activity is Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

In the coming months project partners will also work on the third project output: the GREENER Toolbox for the development of I/C-VET programs. The first step will be to build a stakeholders database in order to collect feedback to develop the toolbox. The partner leading this activity is ACR+.