Bulgarian Consultancy Organisation, providing consultancy services in European projects and public procurement

Bulgarian Consultancy Organization (BCO) is the leading consulting company on the Bulgarian market over the past decade. The organization has a strong team of professionals – experts with extensive experience and expertise in the field of the management of EU funds and policies that together managed to impose a quality standard of work in the consulting sector in the country. Since its establishment in 2007 BCO Ltd. is a proven leader in providing consultancy services in the field of European projects and public procurement, thanks to the good planning, management and implementation of large and strategic consulting, infrastructure, research and innovative projects of national and local importance.

The Company has built a broad portfolio of successfully implemented contracts and qualitatively implemented projects in both the public and private sector for Contracting Authorities such as the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, a number of municipal administrations and other structures of central and local administration. Since 2015, BCO has been acting also as a Vocational training and education center “Without Borders’ and is a licensed VET provider for training in 27 professions with 38 specialties. To date, over 300 individuals have received qualifications in various professional areas and have profited from the different vocational formats that BCO offers.

In GREENER project, BCO represents the point of view of intermediary bodies supporting sustainable innovation. The organization is contributing to the drafting of the Common Competency Framework and the training workshops of stakeholders, additional to the contribution to all the project activities.