Become an industrial symbiosis facilitator thanks to the INSIGHT training

The circular economy, one of the key priorities set in the EU Green Deal, refers to a production and consumption system that creates value, and where resources used in production processes can be reused and recycled as much as possible.

To achieve a circular transition, it is necessary to catalyse investment and innovation that will underpin sustained growth and give rise to new economic opportunities. For that, Industrial Symbiosis is a path towards green growth by keeping the added value in products for as long as possible and at the same time eliminating waste.

Industrial Symbiosis consists in a business strategy that encourages collaboration between companies (traditionally an absent relationship) to generate new business opportunities. It involves exchanging by-products and energy cascades, or the joint provision of utilities and services, to improve the interested stakeholders’ overall environmental and economic performance.

Recently five European organisations are working on the so-called INSIGHT training, as result of an Erasmus+ project co-funded by the European Commission, that will support learners to be an industrial symbiosis facilitator.

The training course, available online and in 6 languages (English, French, Romanian, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish) will allow students to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge about Industrial Symbiosis from today and tomorrow to become an Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator.

The course is organised in five modules, gathering the different materials developed within the INSIGHT Joint Curriculum:

• Module 1: Industrial Symbiosis theory, concepts and context.
• Module 2: Resource Management
• Module 3: Industrial Symbiosis Management
• Module 4: Soft skills for Industrial Symbiosis
• Module 5: Industrial Symbiosis Case Studies

The course will be officially launched in February 2022 so stay tuned and make sure you follow the INSIGHT website ( )