Barcelona approves its Sustainable Public Procurement Objectives Plan 2022

The 2022 Sustainable Public Procurement Objectives Plan (OCPS), drafted with the participation of the Sustainable Public Procurement Commission, incorporates new clauses in the catalogue of shared sustainable public procurement measures, and updates some of the others.

The new clauses include the special execution condition for promoting diverse labor procurement for reasons of representativeness and the effectiveness of contracts for care services, through the definition and application of social clauses in the forms and documents that govern the tenders of Barcelona City Council and its Municipality Group. It ensures that citizen services have a composition that is representative of the different cultures and nationalities that coexist in Barcelona.

A new operative award criteria is also being incorporated which fosters the improvement of the fixed percentages for the special conditions of execution.

The Plan also proposes a new award criteria in the equality block related to the fight against unwanted part-time employment among women, especially in the most feminized sectors.

Other new incorporations in the Plan are the updating of the clauses on contracting unemployed people with difficulties entering the job market, and clauses on criminal compliance, on the Equality plan, on measures against sexual and gender harassment, on work life balance, on inclusive communication and on equal opportunities and non-discrimination against LGBTI people.

Other notable objectives of the OCPS Plan 2022 are:

  • The approval of a new Reserved Procurement Guide; 
  • It also re-formulates the sustainable public procurement guides into a single document;
  • It promotes the culture of planning and prior market consultation;
  • It promotes the increased participation of companies headed by women;
  • The design of an instruction on gender criteria in facility management contracts;
  • The implementation of the Antifraud Plan measures.

Furthermore, the Plan disseminates best practices, such as the collaborative drafting and dissemination of an award criteria repository, made available to the entire organisation.